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sofi ymarik

artist & guide

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Hi! I am Sofi.


I am an artist and

I am also a guide.

Art has been my life companion.

Through the dark and the light, we have travelled together bringing experiences into stories. Behind every project,

there is a piece of me

that has been transformed.

Art taught me ALCHEMY.



Pain into art. 

Darkness into beauty. 

Chaos into order.

A personal message into a story of powerful impact!


see my BBC animation

The Quiet Power of Introverts



my guide work


My journey led me to a deep transformation.

This is where I embraced my wounds and turned them into

the medicine I can now share with others


From fear to trust and courage.

From loneliness to belonging.

From dullness to joy.


This is why I love being a guide.


I teach women to face their fears, love themselves deeply, 

and freely show up in the world as their authentic selves!

Read about the 1:1 sessions here.

& more about my new program

Dis-cover Your Light

To start working with me now!


feeling curious, but hesitant or shy?

simply message me "curious" on any
platform and I will get in touch with you.

WA: +54 9 11 7363 9116


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my art work

I am an illustrator, animation director,

author and storyteller.

My most recent project The Mother Earth is a colouring book focused on cultivating deep awareness

and connection with nature and oneself. 


My upcoming 42-card oracle deck Hääl is the hero’s journey to self-realisation through the power of the elements.

You can see a sneak peek to Hääl here.


I am currently illustrating a storybook and working

on an animation script for future productions. 


You can see my work in my portfolio.

You can see my products in my shop.

Light_Magician_CMYK NEW.jpg
STORK_full size_edited.jpg


illustration & animation

The Quiet Power of Introverts, music videos,

personal projects

& more


classes & workshops

Courses, workshops and guided practices for connection with creativity, nature

 and sensitivity.


my products

The Mother Earth colouring book

The Oracle Deck, comics

& more

let's connect!

please don't hesitate to get in touch!

WA +54 9 11 7363 9116

IG @sofiymarik

join the community!

As an artist dedicated to exploration of human nature,

I invite you into my personal world where I share stories of vulnerability and belonging.


Sign up to remember our nature, together. 

I will also be sharing free guided practices, workshops and more. 

Follow Sofi Ymarik on Instagram

Love my work?

You can now support me on Ko-Fi!

Ko-Fi is a platform that allows artists receive support in a form of a tip. It's like buying me a coffee to show your love!

You can also contribute to helping me finish projects:

like printing my first oracle deck!

thank you!

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