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sofi ymarik


illustrator, animation director, author, teacher


about me

Art has been my companion my whole life. Through the dark and the light, we have travelled together bringing experiences into colours, shapes and eventually stories.


Behind every artwork, there is a piece of me that has been transformed. It is through this creative process that I have committed to celebrating our humanness. 

The same way I pour my heart into my personal work,

I also like to approach client work,

with authenticity and care.

If you have a project you'd like to collaborate with,

may it be an illustration, animation or an event,

don't hesitate to get in touch!

My work has often been described as unique, warm, sensitive, strong and touching.


my work

Having graduated in London, I worked internationally in the animation industry as an animation director, with clients like BBC, ITV, Passion Pictures and more. I have since expanded my work to illustration as well as teaching.

My latest project is creating experiences and products

that help people reconnect with their creativity and nature.

Whether it is in animation, illustration or teaching,

I value authentic human connection.

That's why my clients always put story at the heart of every project.

Working with me you will guarantee an entirely human approach that

shines through from the start to the finished product. 

two of pentacles


illustration & animation

The Quiet Power of Introverts, music videos, personal projects

& more



classes & workshops

Courses, workshops and guided practices for connection with creativity, nature

 and sensitivity.

the mother earth


my products

The Mother Earth colouring book

The Oracle Deck, comics

& more

let's connect!

please don't hesitate to get in touch!

WA +54 9 11 7363 9116

IG @sofiymarik

As an artist dedicated to exploration of human nature, I invite you into my personal world where I share stories of vulnerability and belonging.


 Sign up to remember our nature, together. 

I will also be sharing free guided practices, workshops and more. 

join the community!

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Ko-Fi is a platform that allows artists receive support in a form of a tip. It's like buying me a coffee to show your love!

You can also contribute to helping me finish projects:

like printing my first oracle deck!

thank you!

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