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All animations directed by Sofja Umarik. 

need a unique animation
for your brand?

together we can create a beautiful animation
with quality and authenticity at the heart of every project.

Clients I have worked with include:

BBC Ideas . Faeland . Passion Pictures . ITV . Suben Art Management .
The Wild Honey Pie . Foster the People . Tommy's . Daniel Levi .
Spanner Films . The Glow . 
Akram Khan’s Jungle Book . Cartoon Network . Telos . Scriberia . Possum Creek Games

a complete project includes: 

pre production:

2D animation

post production: 

colouring and editing
music and sound effects

Get in touch to know more about the process of the complete production service from the first meeting calls to the final high quality product.

I'd love to hear from you!

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