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All animations below were directed by Sofja Umarik. 

7 plus years of experience in the industry worldwide.

Skills: animation direction, project management, 2D digital and traditional animation, FX animation, in-betweening, character design and storyboarding.

Software: TV paint, Photoshop, Animade and more.

Sofja is a self-employed, location-independent, UK-registered creator.

She is most inspired by stories and her work naturally evokes

an emotional experience. 


need a unique animation
for your brand or project?

together we can create a unique animation
with quality, story and design at the heart of every project.

 I have worked with:

BBC Ideas . Faeland . Passion Pictures . ITV . Suben Art Management .
The Wild Honey Pie . Foster the People . Tommy's . Daniel Levi .
Spanner Films . The Glow . 
Akram Khan’s Jungle Book . Cartoon Network . Telos . Scriberia . Possum Creek Games

a complete project includes: 

pre production:

2D animation

post production: 

colouring and editing
music and sound effects

Over the years I have created a reliable network of freelancers. According to the needs of the project, we make up the ideal team for delivering a high quality animation in time.

Get in touch to know more about the process of the complete production service.

I'd love to hear from you!

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