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dis-cover your

a program of transformation

One elegant glowing magical key on a transparent background.png

available as a recorded program

One elegant mysterious magical glowing key on a white background..png
One elegant mysterious magical glowing key on a white background..png

The 7-part program
guided by Sofi Ymarik


Reconnect to the spark that ignites your soul,

so you can stop holding back the light that you are!

I remind you that you are worthy of

unapologetically expressing your true self &

allowing this new energy to transform your life!

let me guide you to softly & sustainably transform...

from this...

to this!


but how?

We embark on a magnificent journey.

7 carefully designed sessions
rooted in embodiment,
softness and courage.

Each session is a key. 

Each key activates
the light that's already in you!


and what will I get?

This is a journey that leads you

from fear to strength,

from abandoning your shadows, 

to accepting yourself fully,

from dimming your light

to unleashing your powerful inner sun

In each session I will guide you to

meet yourself heart to heart.

Healing is a process.

It also means going to places

that are hidden and are hurting. 

This program is for you if:

  • you're committed to your healing journey

  • you are open to receiving support

  • you dare to face your true self

  • you long for embodied, sustainable healing


What will a session practically look like?

  • First we ground

  • Then I guide you through a powerful visualisation

  • We end with creative processing, using art as a tool to integrate the lived experience

A 60 - minute guided practice

We will use tools such as embodiment practices,

inner child work, shadow work, creative exploration,

rituals & visualisation. 


My approach is soft, playful and sensitive.


You do not need previous experience in any of this.

the program includes:

 7 sessions
worksheets with journaling prompts
extra materials
personal support

the program lasts 7 weeks


the full program is an investment of 250€ 

Can I pay in parts?
Yes, you can pay in 3 parts.
How often will the classes be? The classes are recorded. They are intended to be done once per week.
Is this a group program? Yes and no. It is currently available to participate individually, but the group experience will be announced soon. 
Is there any support during the program? Yes, I offer to do a little check-in after each class. I will be supporting you with anything that can come up during the 7 weeks of the program.


The curriculum:

The program was inspired by 7 of the main archetypes of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck. 

  • 1st call - The Fool  - Igniting The Spark - the inner child

THE FIRST KEY: the key of innocence and joy - opens the door to delight and inspiration

This is where our journey begins.

  • 2nd call - The Magician - Aligning Passions, Thoughts, Emotions and Actions - finding what’s unaligned

THE SECOND KEY: the key of alignment - opens the door to inner peace and aligned action

This is where we get to truly see ourselves to start drawing our path.

  • 3d call - Strength - The Wound is our Power - facing fear

THE THIRD KEY:  the key of strength - opens the door to true courage and healing

This is where we recover our strength, inspired to get out of the shadows and claim our light.

  • 4th call - The Hanged One  - Complete Surrender - restoring faith

THE FOURTH KEY: the key of faith - opens the door to the mystery and flow

This is where we learn to surrender to the process, to mystery and to love.

  • 5th call - Death - Letting go - stepping into a blank page

THE FIFTH KEY: the key of transformation - opens the door to rebirth and freedom

This is where we let everything that isn’t our true self die. 

  • 6th call - Judgement  - Wake Up Call - when to rise and when to go slow

THE SIXTH KEY: the key of courage - opens the door to self-intimacy and wisdom

This is where we meet our guides and learn to listen!

  • 7th call - The World - Completion and Celebration - integrating all parts of ourselves

THE SEVENTH KEY: the key of integration - opens the door to empowerment

This is where we integrate the lessons, celebrate the journey and take the final step to meet ourselves.

Do you feel the calling?

book your free 15-minute call to see if
this program is for you - or simply message me!

WA: +54 9 11 7363 9116

don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!  

I can't wait to journey with you.


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