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1:1 sessions

A 1:1 session is a guided 45-minute practice made just for you, based on your unique needs and intentions!​

This is where you get to be listened to and open to what is alive in you at the moment or work on something specific.

live or recorded

(you choose!)

A session involves:

grounding & healing

a personalised visualisation

creative processing

a safe space for sharing

It is for you if:

you're in need of support

you look to feel nourished and rested

you're open to a soft & creative approach

you're open to transformation


What would that practically look like?

                 We meet on Zoom (if live)

  • The intention is chosen before hand

  • First I help you ground

  • Then I will guide you through a visualisation practice made specifically for you

  • We make space to rest

  • We end with a creative processing practice using art as a tool to integrate the lived experience

  • There is an optional sharing time at the end of the session (if live)

My approach is soft, playful and sensitive.​

The sessions lasts in total of 45 to 60 minutes.

The tools I use are:


gentle embodiment practices, nature connection, inner child work, shadow work, creative exploration, intuitive movement, personalised rituals, conscious breathing, self-holding and visualisation.

Remember, you always have the highest authority over what feels good & what doesn't. We always start the session by making sure you feel 100% comfortable and safe.


The 1:1 sessions can either be held ​live on Zoom or recorded + watched privately.


The costs are:

One 1:1 session: 45

How can I reach out to ask about it?

You can email me at or contact me on Instagram @sofiymarik


About me:

I'm Sofi. I come from Estonia and live in Argentina.
Since little, I've looked for answers to the mystery of life.
I've found that the answers always lie within and
that too is where the healing lives.
Inside, you have a strength & magic bigger than you can imagine.
And that's exactly where I guide you.
After years of travelling, changing careers and looking for my Dharma,
I found my purpose in teaching. 

Since then, I have finished a 1-year teacher training with Jessica Fawn & completed an intensive course la Brujula
for holistic therapists by TuYoCosmico.
I lived for a year in a spiritual community in Argentina participating
in intensive courses, workshops, healings and so much more.
My education continues as I practice what I teach.
My goal is to help you find joy and ease in life.
So that you can become your healer and alchemist.


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if you're serious about your healing journey & want to take the next step....

coming soon
the program of transformation

this is a 8-week program where I guide you step by step to transform, heal and step into your own authentic light.

then this program is for you!

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8-step journey to
Dis-cover Your Light:

It’s time to remember your spark and stop holding back the light that you are!


I remind you that you are worthy of unapologetically being you!

I guide you to step by step recover your life force and claim your authenticity.


This is for you if you’re looking to connect to your authentic self, explore your dreams, tap into your inner creative force and learn to trust your intuition.

The sessions are designed to take you on a journey of transformation.


What that would look like practically?


First, I invite you to an introductory call.

(optional:. messaging instead of a call) 

Here we get to know each other a bit more and set a clear intention for your transformation journey.

Then we schedule the sessions.


The program consists of

8 weekly sessions.

Each session has a similar structure

& a specific theme.

Each call is 60 minutes long.

We meet on Zoom.

The sessions can be live or 

recorded and watched

privately if that's preferred.

The costs are:

269€ for the 8-call package.

How can I reach out to ask about it?

You can email me at or contact me on Instagram @sofiymarik

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book your first call now!
or simply message me on WhatsApp
WA: +54 911 7363 9116

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sessions, workshops & ceremonies

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I also teach at Temple School

sofi is an artist, illustrator & teacher. she helps women embrace their introverted, quiet nature through gentle self-love practices. her focus is on bringing people in touch with nature & earth.

she guides:

  • nature embodiment

  • gentle grounding

  • self-love


my mission

My mission is to guide people to open up to their essence.

In this conditioned world few feel safe to truly know themselves, which means many of us end up feeling isolated from

our own emotions,

our self worth

and the simple joy of being alive.

I believe that by safely, softly and slowly opening the doors to our own selves we get to embrace our inner child and all abandoned aspects of ourselves. This creates a sense of strength and wholeness that makes a person truly resilient.

When we embrace all aspects of ourselves is where we have the key for a fulfilling life.


I also believe deeply that our sense of belonging is one of

the biggest pillars to our wellbeing.

I help people remember our profound and essential belonging 

to ourselves

to nature

to the world

I look to bring all this to you through guided meditations, practices and events. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch for personal support or resources.

book a call with me to see how I can best guide you on your journey!
or simply email or WA me
WA: +54 911 7363 9116

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