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practices and teaching

teacher at Temple School

sofi is an artist, illustrator & teacher. she helps women embrace their introverted, quiet nature through gentle self-love practices. her focus is on bringing people in touch with nature & earth.

she guides:

  • nature embodiment

  • gentle grounding

  • self-love


my mission

My mission is to guide people to open up to their essence.

In this conditioned world few feel safe to truly know themselves, which means many of us end up feeling isolated from

our own emotions,

our self worth

and the simple joy of being alive.

I believe that by safely, softly and slowly opening the doors to our own selves we get to embrace our inner child and all abandoned aspects of ourselves. This creates a sense of strength and wholeness that makes a person truly resilient.

When we embrace all aspects of ourselves is where we have the key for a fulfilling life.


I also believe deeply that our sense of belonging is one of

the biggest pillars to our wellbeing.

I help people remember our profound and essential belonging 

to ourselves

to nature

to the world

I look to bring all this to you through guided meditations, practices and events. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch for personal support or resources.

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